Experience the College of Education

As a College of Education scholar at the Ignite Institute, you will experience what it means to be an educator in a modern public school system. Scholars entering Education can expect to work with teachers, professors, and community partners in developing and programming curriculum and becoming skilled in pedagogy.

In addition to the curricular work, scholars in this college will become well-versed in the importance of addressing the social and emotional needs of others. Scholars will learn how community resources might be leveraged to improve the academic performance and social well-being of children.


What Will I learn at The College of Education?

To be an effective educator, scholars must have a fundamental understanding of pedagogy, assessments, and social-emotional well-being. Scholars will explore careers in counseling, teaching, administration, and other support roles in the school system. Scholars will engage in activities designed to uncover their abilities and interests in becoming educational professionals. Courses assist scholars in their understanding of how today’s students learn. Topics include, but are not limited to child psychology, lifespan, and developmental psychology, multiple intelligence, and Bloom’s Taxonomy. College of Education courses also explores teaching techniques and strategies as they apply to 21st-century inquiry-based learning.

While at Ignite, scholars will take core classes. But unique to the school, those classes, and projects, where appropriate, will be integrated into the College of Education programs. For example, in an English class, a writing assignment could be to develop a student’s philosophy of education. A scholars in a Spanish class might develop a lesson plan for English-Language-Learners.

Like all scholars at Ignite, those enrolled in the College of Education will have access to over 20 dual-credit college classes and be able to complete an Associate’s degree before they graduate high school. These classes include all the general education courses needed at Kentucky’s public colleges, which ensures a well-rounded liberal arts education.


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