Experience the College of Engineering

The Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati Regional tradition in Engineering is robust. Known for skilled machinists and engineers, names like Roebling, Edison, and Crosley worked in Cincinnati and later with organizations in Cincinnati to shape transportation, communications, and other technical fields.  At Ignite, scholars in the Engineering College will carry the torch of this tradition, where locally the needs for Engineers far outpaces the supply. Two trends have accelerated the need for Engineering professionals in our region. The first is a recognition to the logistical advantages of Cincinnati. With the movement to online commerce, organizations are now dependent on strategic locations to move items around the country quickly.  As such, the thousands of jobs needed in logistical organizations are growing more and more dependent on automation. The second trend significantly increasing the need for Engineers is a movement to just in time manufacturing with large manufacturing organizations requiring suppliers to provide necessary materials in lower but more consistent supply chains, proximity because of an even more significant issue. Currently, there are thousands of unfilled positions in Engineering that go unfilled each month.


What will I learn at The College of Engineering?

The College of Engineering courses teach problem-solving skills by engaging scholars in the engineering process. Models of product solutions are created, analyzed, and communicated in a variety of ways including the use of robust modeling computer design software. Scholars use 3D design software to design and document solutions for major course projects. Exploring various technology systems and manufacturing processes help scholars learn how engineers and technicians use an engineering problem-solving process to benefit society.

Scholars in the Engineering College will engage in the PLTW curriculum.  These classes give students transformative experiences that they would not experience in a traditional classroom. Student projects will provide them with the background and skills needed to enter the competitive job market. Through these classes, scholars will learn to think critically, solve real-world problems in a collaborative environment.

While at Ignite, scholars will take the core classes required by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Unique to the school, those core classes, and projects, where appropriate, will be integrated into the Engineering College programs. For example, in English Class, an assignment may be to write a speech as part of a public presentation explaining in detail modifications to a drone. In biology class, students may work to an aquaculture tank that incorporates resource cycling and optimization to farm seafood or vegetables.

Like all scholars at Ignite, those enrolled in the Engineering College will have access to over 20 dual credit college classes and be able to complete an Associate’s degree before they graduate high school. These classes include all the general education courses needed at Kentucky’s public colleges, which ensures a well-rounded liberal arts education.