Eric Skeen, MAT

College of Logistics

"Mr. Skeen is a 7th-year teacher and has been at Ignite since its opening in 2019. His first five years of teaching were spent as a Spanish teacher, but in 2020 he became the 1st high school instructor of Logistics in the state of Kentucky. Mr. Skeen’s extensive background in the field of logistics spans more than 25 years in the private sector. His experiences include job titles and responsibilities such as Operations Supervisor, Operations Manager, Inventory Control Manager, Director of Operations, Group Logistics Manager, and Director of Supply Chain Services. During the course of his career, he worked in ten different states, as well as Mexico, in roles that were in 2PL and 3PL environments. His enjoyment of functioning as a servant leader in the fast-paced field of logistics allowed him to progressively gain strong experience throughout the industry, as well as sparked his interest in serving young people in his current role as a teacher.

When not at school, Mr. Skeen is a father of a loving yet hard-headed 6th grader and a very swift and independent college sophomore while being a husband to an enduring and patient wife. For fun, he is a local lacrosse coach, a very vocal spectator at his son’s sports events, and thoroughly enjoys plunging toilets, doing maintenance, and mowing lawns for rental properties that he and his wife own. He is living out his dreams and is thankful for every day he lives on Earth. "