Experience The College of Design

Greater Cincinnati is home to over 700 Branding and Marketing firms. Scholars in the College of Design at Ignite will become well-versed in the visual language that defines today’s powerhouse brands and Fortune 500 companies. Not only does our Design program encompass the fundamentals of visual aesthetics, but it delves into entrepreneurship, marketing, branding, visual effects, and immersive sensory experimental programming. The outcome? A professional portfolio, real world experience with industry and community partners, and the opportunity to make a lasting impact with the projects students complete all before graduating high school.


What Will I Learn at The College of Design?

In order to be an effective designer, scholars must have a fundamental mastery of visual art and design. The foundation for the program will focus on the design principles and artistic problem-solving. While scholars are progressing in their skill, they will further develop their talents while earning industry certifications for the state of the art tools required to compete and lead in today’s creative industries. Scholars enrolling in the program will be expected to develop a portfolio, and work with local clients on design needs. The program is centered around project-based learning. Scholars in the past have created the branding and marketing assets for numerous local businesses, design agencies, and nonprofits.

During the freshman and sophomore years at the Ignite Institute College of Design, scholars will be exposed to the industry through a series of guest speakers, mentors, and field trips. In addition, scholars will complete major presentations twice a year where they will showcase their projects and portfolios to the general public. In the Junior and Senior years of the School of Design, scholars will complete industry certifications, participate in internships, and have a greater role in developing projects and client work.

While at Ignite, scholars will take core content classes. But unique to the school, those classes and projects, where appropriate, will be integrated into the Design School programs. For example, in English class, a writing assignment could include the development of the copy needed for a website or resume building. Scholars in history class may take advantage of their new skillset to create an historical poster for a class presentation.

Like all scholars at Ignite, those enrolled in the College of Design will have access to over 20 dual-credit college classes and be able to complete an Associate’s degree before they graduate high school. This includes all the general education courses needed at Kentucky’s public colleges, which ensures a well-rounded liberal arts education.

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