Chris Norris, MAT

College of Allied Health

Mr. Norris Has been teaching at the Ignite Institute since its inception. He focuses on Critical Thinking Skills and positive Professional Habits. Prior to becoming a teacher, he spent fifteen years in the finance and manufacturing industries. This experience influenced him to become a high school teacher to help future employees gain confidence at an earlier age so that they feel better prepared to make informed decisions once they find their careers. Mr. Norris has been coaching soccer in Northern Kentucky for over three decades. He has coached several scholar's parents and has even coached another Ignite teacher. In his free time, he continues to coach soccer, play soccer, run half marathons, engage in fundraisers for civic improvements, and raise his family. "As a teacher and mentor, I find it is my responsibility to help scholars develop their communication skills, their confidence in themselves, and show them how to be composed in situations so that they can flourish into complete global citizens who will impact the world in positive means."