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The Ignite Institute is offering a half day Aviation Logistics program for scholars who are interested in a career at our own Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Airport. Scholars attending this program will take math, English, and Logistics courses at the Ignite Institute their Junior and Senior year in high school, ending with an internship at the Airport the second semester of their senior year.

Scholars in the Aviation Logistics program at Ignite will remain at their home high school half a day and will be transported to Ignite for the second half. There, Logistics scholars will complete the following 4 courses during their junior and senior years:

Introduction to Logistics (First Semester, Junior Year)
This course is designed to introduce scholars to the field of logistics and air transport. Scholars will learn about flight operations, system operations, aircraft maintenance, as well as the history of major CVG airport employers such as Atlas Air, DHL, Southern Air, Polar, and many more.

Concepts in Logistics (Second Semester, Junior Year)
This course teaches scholars the principles of business management, global geography, and cultural aspects of working in a field that operates with the rest of the world.

Advanced Logistics (First Semester, Senior Year)
This course allows scholars to really dive deep into high paying careers at CVG. In addition, scholars in this course will learn the basics of airport logistics such as airport codes, parts of our airport, and how the airport impacts the economics, politics, and social happenings in our region. Scholars choose their internship at the end of this course based on their interest areas.

Logistics Capstone (Second Semester, Senior Year)
This course is on the job training. Scholars map out their career at the airport and begin work on building their future career. Logistics capstone scholars will also complete airport trainings required to advance in the field.